LeBron James Debuts Dramatic New Look — But Fans Question If It's Real

The NBA icon sent the internet into a frenzy on Tuesday after sharing a picture of his new look  .

Looking gleeful in a barber’s chair with a seemingly shaved bald head in his Instagram .

For years, James’ hairstyle has been the brunt of memes, with the ballplayer once laughing at a meme which 

is compared his thinning hair to a Reese’s peanut butter cup that got stuck to the wrapper. which 

After his alleged unveiling, fans on Twitter quickly rushed to praise the Lakers star for his 

Twitter within hours of James dropping the viral picture on his account. 

"A user wrote "Welcome to baldside my brother we have been waiting for you"

@KingJames Some times we have to let go of our hairlines to find true peace and solace.

Now your beard is going to be the star of the show let it shine.”